Sunday, August 9, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

Today is our one week anniversary in Billings. We are pretty much settled and I am so thankful for the beautiful house we have ended up in. It meets all of our needs perfectly. Feeling very blessed.  I was able to go out to my school last week. Met with the Human Resources secretary on Thursday and had a wonderful chat that turned a quick paper signing into a two and half hour meeting. When I arrived at the Crow Agency School, or CAPS, I was able to meet a very nice custodian named Ben Bigman. Hopefully he will look out for me.  This week end Ed came out with me to help unpack way too many boxes but I think I am ready to get down and dirty with the job of teaching.  It was wonderful to be able to drive two miles to the Battle of Little Bighorn and eat a fry bread taco at a local cafe.  I am very nervous to be out of my comfort zone of second grade and move into the mature world of 5th but I trust it will work out.