Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Very Excited to Have joined Booktrope

Booktrope is an interesting take on publishing where you build a team and work together to get a book out. Everyone on the team has buy in due to the collaborative nature of the group. I am excited that Entrusted was picked up by this group. Not sure how the ride will go but I am looking forward to the adventure!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

life has been a whirlwind

Moving to Billings was an adventure to say the least. When the moving truck pulls up and you see your worldly possessions thrown into a truck with no care for their outcome...well you have to step back and realize it isn't the stuff that is important it is the people. So we are here in Billings enjoying life and family.  And the up coming release of my next book, 1000 Silent Moments.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

Today is our one week anniversary in Billings. We are pretty much settled and I am so thankful for the beautiful house we have ended up in. It meets all of our needs perfectly. Feeling very blessed.  I was able to go out to my school last week. Met with the Human Resources secretary on Thursday and had a wonderful chat that turned a quick paper signing into a two and half hour meeting. When I arrived at the Crow Agency School, or CAPS, I was able to meet a very nice custodian named Ben Bigman. Hopefully he will look out for me.  This week end Ed came out with me to help unpack way too many boxes but I think I am ready to get down and dirty with the job of teaching.  It was wonderful to be able to drive two miles to the Battle of Little Bighorn and eat a fry bread taco at a local cafe.  I am very nervous to be out of my comfort zone of second grade and move into the mature world of 5th but I trust it will work out.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wet weekend in Portland

The NW Author group converged on the great city or Portland yesterday, Saturday July 25th, in what turned into one of the wettest days I have experienced in years.  It rained so hard that the organizers were putting sandbags in front of the doors by our booth.  The books got wrinkly and damp. But our spirits stayed up and it was a great day of visiting with local friends before my move.  I would have been a bit disappointed about driving to Portland and not getting to sign but my husband and I had a wonderful day Friday in the Dalles. It was a gorgeous evening at a hotel with one of the friendliest workers.  We had a relaxing dinner and a quiet evening looking out over the dam and watching the lights.  So it didn't matter if any books were sold. It was a weekend to reconnect with my husband after weeks of remodeling work and fun times with authors I love.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Great Deal!

My friend T.M. Franklin has a great deal on her More Trilogy.  99 cents! Great Young Adult series.

NW Book Festival

This Saturday I will be at the NW book festival with other local authors for a day filled with BOOKS!  What more can you want.  It should be tons of fun and I am keep some trunk space for my the books I pick up along the way.

And the move....

Movers came last night to check out my stash.  We told them we were down a narrow dirt road and there was little to no turn around space.  They thought for sure they could get a semi down it--but no, they couldn't. So we are behind schedule since they had to get a uhaul to then shuttle my stuff three miles to the semi. I can't say I am overly confident with the crew.  They are nice enough but the husband and wife crew are retired, in their 60's maybe and their helper showed up on a Harley and is spending more time smoking and talking on the phone than anything else.  Glad we aren't paying for this.  Only a eight days until we head out to Billings, Montana.